Latest writing… Autechre, the Boo Radleys, Misty Conditions, Poliça

20 11 2013

Hello! I haven’t gone missing, just forgot to update the blog. Plenty of things to get your teeth into including interviews with Rob Brown of Autechre about their latest L-event EP as well as the Boo Radleys’ Martin Carr in a retrospective of their classic Giant Steps album.

Elsewhere, there are reviews of albums by Poliça‘s new album Shulamith and D’zzz by Misty Conditions.



Dead Rat Orchestra – Interview

14 08 2013

“Luxuriant facial hair aside, Dead Rat Orchestra are far from your typical modern-day folk outfit. To describe them as such would be to undermine their commitment to sonic exploration, with the folk aspect being a mere springboard for their inventive multi-instrumentalist approach.”


I interviewed Colchester multi-instrumentalist avant-folk trio Dead Rat Orchestra about the hazards of chopping wood in the middle of a busy audience, and making music using pigeons and pieces of an old Chris de Burgh record…

Improvisational Music for Dilletantes and Heartless Manipulators

1 08 2013

I’ve recently become interested in improvisational music after spending a lot of my life assuming it was for pretentious people who actually hate music. But my latest Stacks entry about Derek Bailey’s free guitar playing was written very quickly last night (off the cuff, you might say) and turned into an exploration of free improv and why it’s maybe worth more of your time than you thought…

Scott Walker – ‘The Escape’ / Fear and Music

30 05 2013

My latest post for Stacks is about the one song that frightens me the most:


What’s yours?

An Interview with DJ Rashad

10 05 2013

I interviewed DJ Rashad for The Quietus

“My goal is now, that you don’t have to footwork or dance. As long as you get into it and enjoy it, that’s cool. You don’t have to know certain moves to get down with the music. Just have a good time. That’s what I’m trying to have and get across to people. As long as you feel the rhythm and the bass, just vibe with it, you’ll be alright. It’s for everybody, not just footworkers.”

Full article here…

Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats – Mind Control

10 05 2013

“…A rip of smoke from a skull-bong, the soft click-clack of a bead curtain drowned out by Ozzy crowing ‘OHHHHHH NOOOOOO!’, ouija boards and pentagrams littering the place while classic Tigon British horrors roll-out on VHS. It was a grimy vision of Valhalla from the comfort of a hotboxed suburban bedsit…” – Read on at The Quietus

Autechre – Exai

25 02 2013

And now a return to your regular schedule – a review for

“It would now take a machine with a capacity and patience far exceeding that of any mortal being to keep track of their increasingly arcane song-titles alone, which are deliberately alienating in their anonymity, as though they’d been randomly selected from sections of a printer test page. I’d wager Autechre themselves have trouble differentiating between their ‘Chenc9-1Dub’s and their ‘Nth Dafusederb’s, but pining for the days of bite-sized four-track EPs like 1997’s Envane would of course be missing the point, as would attempting to absorb this entire double-album’s worth of new Autechre in a single sitting…”

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